International Technologies Co. Ltd.


Who we are

About us

We’ve been working with clients worldwide since 2005, offering expert advice and finding innovative, effective, and affordable services for our clients by providing sector-specific expertise in strategy, consulting, digital, technology and operations.

What makes us different?

Within our 20+ years of excellence across numerous industries, we have worked with hundreds of leading organizations, helping them to realize their full potential, resolve complex issues, and push the boundaries to achieve truly great things. It is our experience, commitment, discipline and relevancy that defines us; through our expertise and ambition we help our clients realize change on an impressive scale; through courage we tackle and resolve challenges and, motivated by our commitment to the society in which we live, we nurture and develop industry-leading innovation.

Can ITCL platforms, products or services be copied? Our methods, maybe, but not our team and the wisdom gained from our mistakes. Nor you can copy our thoughts, our client's trust, or the opportunities they've presented to us.

We’re also immensely proud of our team of dedicated consultants, project managers, analysts, developers, engineers, strategists and industry experts, who each embrace and reflect the ethos of our company to provide tailored solutions that are innovative, strategic and based on a solid foundation of international experience.

By choosing us, you’re choosing to work with a team of some of the world’s highest performing professionals who each share our belief that commitment, expertise, and discipline achieve the very best results. Our core competitiveness is our team, experienced and strong management, and discipline. Others may copy our model, but not our constant persistance and passion. Behind the best innovation, of course, there must be a strong support system, talent, and execution. Without this, innovation is merely a story without value.

We are your go-to experts

As the first full-service Platform Innovation Company in Eastern Europe and the Middle East, we are experts in platform development and usage, helping clients to effectively utilize platforms that add value and create interactive communities. Because we know that platforms are a vital element of any business model, we’re on-hand to help you develop and implement successful platform approaches, whatever your business objective may be.

Furthermore, our wealth of multiple sector-specific expertise spans consulting, technology, and operations through to strategic development to ensure you have access to honest and fair expert advice, whatever your needs. We understand that in today’s economy it is essential that organizations are empowered to make business-critical changes that are based on accurate and timely expert input. That’s why we’re here to guide and advise you through every phase of your project from research and development to scaled solutions and final delivery.

We work with the best

Our work has resulted in many successful partnerships with three-quarters of the top organizations in the Middle East and Europe. We have a wealth of expertise, with a core focus on four leading industries – governmental, semi-governmental, utility, and telecommunications – and deliver exceptional outcomes that ensure our clients continue to thrive in the new digital world.