Analytics is altering the way we do business, how we make decisions, and how we push forward to make continual progress…

Moving forward with government analytics

Analytics is altering the way we do business, how we make decisions, and how we push forward to make continual progress. Organizations worldwide now rely on predictive analytics to help them make informed policy choices that impact on both business operations and the customer experience. Now is the time for government organizations to look at how other private and public companies utilize their analytics to efficiently manage finances, business decision making, and increasing demand.

The current analytics climate

Data – and how businesses use it – has changed. We are now in a world in which businesses have made the move from simply storing, classifying, and retrieving data, to making it an asset that can drive improvement, whether that is for profitability or alternative social outcomes. Historically, governments have not been at the cutting-edge of technological innovation and data sets have been so vast that the task of harnessing that data has often seemed too huge. However, we are now seeing a change in attitude and approach as many governments realize that the private sector are leading the way in predictive analytics and that there is a very real need to implement their own analytics technology to enable them to respond more effectively to budget and GDP pressures.

How to embrace analytics: success factors

  • Be outcome driven – focus on what you want to know and achieve.
  • Embed a culture of analytics throughout the government organization.
  • Train government employees on the possibilities of analytics.
  • Partner with a trusted technology and data insight partner.
  • Reward analytic successes.

The Importance of a trusted technology partner

To make the most of analytics, most government organizations will work with a partner – like ITCL – who can assess their needs, advise on software, and run the implementation project. It is not expected that governments will have the resources or expertise internally to implement this type of change, therefore it is advisable to work with a technology and data specialist with experience of consulting and delivering on comparable analytics projects.

The future is in the hands of public officials

As public officials, this is time to draw inspiration from the private sector and implement the use of government analytics as policy as a way to improve decision making and ultimately improve budget forecasting and management, and better prepare yourselves for the increased demands of the citizens you serve.

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