Digital should be at the very core of any government transformation plan.  Why? Because new and evolving digital technologies are central…

Improving government performance through digital transformation

Digital should be at the very core of any government transformation plan.  Why? Because new and evolving digital technologies are central to public service development, sustainability, and economic growth: push forward with your digital capabilities and you’ll be rewarded through strengthened public accountability and improved productivity.

The key to success when embarking on a digital transformation project is proactivity. Become the active element that directly shifts the perception of a digital norm within your organization – don’t simply use and add to your existing digital services, push your digital boundaries and boost operational performance while improving your positioning amongst competitors.   This is a new digital era and one that has the power to dramatically shift your digital presence into a successful digital economy, helping achieve ultimate growth.

Digital delivery: the future of government-led public services

So, we know that digital services can directly impact on how a country performs economically and that its effective use of digital innovation can influence public perception. For this reason, it is vital that any new digital economy welcomes fresh skillsets. And in the midst of an ageing population – meaning fewer people available to work – an injection of creative problem-solvers and new-era thinkers help governments avoid increasing spend on benefit provisions that potentially need significant sums of public money to finance.

Constituent demand is changing

Today’s public want affordable, fast and easy-to-use digitalized government services – think how mobile technology has evolved and is now optimized for instant access to anything and everything via social media and integrated apps. In this digital age, it’s how people expect to connect with service providers – including their government agencies.

But how do governments capitalize on this new digital demand and use it to improve internal operations and procedures? The solution is to become an enabler: enable your own digital economy, structuring it within an appropriate regulatory environment, invest strategically, and nurture your own unique digital ecosystem.

Three basic steps to enhance your productivity and innovation

  • Invest in a workforce with digital know-how
  • by working with people who are passionate about digital technology you’ll be better positioned to drive forward innovative ideas, tackle complex elements of the transformation project more effectively, and introduce a collaborative work ethic to ensure you’re always at the forefront of new digital thinking.
  • Explore user-friendly digital solutions
  • when constituents have easy, on-the-go, digital access to your services they are more likely to engage with your organization. More frequent communication will aid an open and honest dialogue between your government and the people you serve, building trust and enabling you to develop intelligence-led business strategies.
  • Become a 24-7 service provider
  • long gone are the days when your public are happy to find information within strict office hours. They now want services that have been specifically designed to be accessible 24 hours a day, wherever they may be. A digital transformation provides the perfect opportunity to take bold steps towards creating the ultimate interactive service offering for your constituents.

By doing these things you, as a government organization, become a digital entrepreneur, a leader amongst peers and competitors, and a government that genuinely connects with its public. Now is the time to explore your new digital opportunities and become a driver of economic innovation that benefits both constituents and your workforce.

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