In today’s market, government organizations face a complex combination of challenges and deliverables to maintain the best possible service…

Find a new strategic business model for your government organization

In today’s market, government organizations face a complex combination of challenges and deliverables to maintain the best possible service to its people, customers, and stakeholders. From managing an ever-increasing population to providing consistently good services with limited capital, challenges are diverse and plentiful. So what’s the solution?

Tackle your challenges head-on

You’ve identified issues, concerns, and scope for improvement so now’s the time to embrace a new way of doing business, adjust your priorities, and tackle your challenges head-on: a refreshed strategic approach and refocused business model will accelerate your organizational transformation.

Establishing trust is central to organizational improvement: trust between your organization and customers, stakeholders, and partners. Earn trust and you are empowered to effectively illustrate how your organization is addressing concerns and issues; your key stakeholders – customers or otherwise – will respect and believe in what you, as an organization, say and do. Utilize your strengthened relationships to demonstrate how you’re working to improve your financial position and further develop the organizational reputation within the industry.

Developing an expert transformation plan

We work on transformation projects for a number of clients from development right through to implementation. Our approach is collaborative and inclusive, working together to revise your existing business model so it is strategic and targeted. Elements of our transformation project work include:

  • A complete assessment of your current position, capabilities, and aspirations
  • Identification of cost reduction opportunities within the organization
  • Financial health analysis, including an evaluation of possible asset sales
  • Commercial venture assessment and development of a model to take new venture concepts from idea to realization
  • Target state business model assessment, inclusive of interactions and capabilities analysis
  • Customer value proposition assessment
  • Collaborative workshops with your leadership team to explore and agree remedial action for priority issues

Bringing your organization into focus

With your transformation now comprehensively mapped out, the implementation phase brings clarity to your business model, highlights strategic new revenue opportunities and valuable insights into future performance and successes. You will be well prepared for both organizational and industry change, and strategically focused to achieve targeted results in the longer term. And, importantly, you’ll be in a strong position to illustrate to your people, customers, and stakeholders how you’re pushing for positive change, supporting communities and economic growth, and how your new model is working to deliver enhanced services for everyone.

Get in touch to discuss your requirements and to find out how ITCL can help you realize your very own business model transformation.

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