Within the public services demand for convenient and comprehensive services is greater than ever before. Resources are stretched, budgets are reliant…

Back office change: the key to government transformation

Within the public services demand for convenient and comprehensive services is greater than ever before. Resources are stretched, budgets are reliant upon compromise, and internal and external stakeholders are placing more pressure for exceptional service delivery. Put simply, public service organizations are being asked to deliver more with less.

Meeting stakeholder expectations

So, how does an organization meet and exceed the increasingly complex expectations placed upon them? How is it possible to maintain a current service offering while also planning and delivering improvements for the future? The answer: back office change. By taking the time to embark on a back office transformation you will not only improve the way the organization operates but you’ll save money, streamline processes, and free-up essential employee resources to enable more manpower to be dedicated to important areas such as data analytics, advisory, and strategic delivery – aspects of service provision that directly benefit and improve public services.

Effective solutions for real results

The most important element of the back office transformation initiative is to develop an all-encompassing strategy that clearly identifies significant challenges, opportunities, and obstacles to the project. An effective approach is one that is business-focused, ensuring every decision is loyal to the overarching business objectives, identifying clear strategic direction for efficient and successful delivery of the transformation project.

Achieving strategic transformation

Central to any successful transformation project is a review of all service delivery strategies, mapping out new and proven ways of working to the latest best practice guidelines, and establishing a sophisticated platform for all elements of project work. Main elements of project work should include:

  • Determining the strategy
  • Establishing the associated value of changes
  • Utilizing analytics
  • Evaluation of exiting back office processes and functions
  • Assessment of organizational climate and openness to change
  • Utilizing current best practice

Finding the right help for effective transformation

As with any major change project, it is vital that you work with a transformation specialist to ensure you have expert advice and strategic input throughout the course of the project. At ITCL, we bring vast experience to help accelerate the progress of your transformation project, introducing you to the most suitable tools and strategic approaches to help you realize the greatest possible operational and financial rewards.

Contact us to discuss your requirements and to find out how ITCL can support your very own back office transformation.