International Technologies Co. Ltd.



We know it, and we do it

We don’t just have knowledge and insight; we have the experience and expertise to deliver on our promises. You can’t transform your business alone. You need a partner, someone to add innovation and to encourage the exploration of new ideas. You need a partner who works collaboratively, knows your industry inside and out, works with a pure focus on your core business objectives and activities, and can deliver meaningful insights and analysis. ITCL is that partner.

Beginning your Digital Transformation

At ITCL we understand how business and technology interact, how they crossover one another. During the past 20 years, our experts have worked to design, develop, and deliver significant business transformations for some of the most prominent companies in Europe and the Middle East.

Why change when you can transform?

True change comes when bold and brave decision making is put into action: it becomes a transformation. When a need for change is identified and steps are taking to push forward positive solutions, we can work with you to achieve impressive outcomes. We take great pride in helping to redefine the way some of the world’s leading brands and companies approach business activity, and stand with you ready to tackle even the most complex of business issues.

What we can do

  • PMO
  • Business and technology services
  • IT Consultancy
  • IT & Technology Advisory