Welcome to Blockchain: A new era of technology

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is a technology designed to allow the movement of digital currency or assets from one person to another. Known as a ‘chain’ due to the chain of transactions created during the process, Blockchain works to create a string of transactions that are open and public via copies of a live and synchronized open ledger, meaning everyone on the network can access the required information. This eliminates the need for a central transaction hub and instead ensures everyone can simultaneously see and validate transactions at any time.

How does Blockchain work?

It’s fair to say that you don’t need to understand how Blockchain works to be able to use it, but with Blockchain presenting arevolution in internet-based technology now’s the time to learn about the concept on which it is founded and operates, and begin to consider how it might benefit your organization.

Essentially acting as a method to record data, Blockchain relies on an open ledger – held digitally – that can be programed to record transactions. Capable of managing transactions for almost anything from contracts and agreements through to currency, the general rule is that Blockchain can be used to hold any form of data that would ordinarily need to be independently recorded.

But what makes Blockchain different to the existing methods used for transaction management is that Blockchain doesn’t rely on a virtual ledger that is stored in just one centralized place; instead it distributes the information it holds about each and every transaction to thousands of users on that same network worldwide.

Taking digital records and collating them, Blockchain bindsinformation and records together into blocks before using a process called ‘hashing’ to link – or chain – them together using sophisticated algorithms. It is during the hashing process that encryption takes places.

What are the benefits to using Blockchain?

Ultimately, for many organizations one of the biggest attractions of Blockchain is that by design it makes it more difficult for hackers to attack it. Because it is designed using a distributed model, rather than working with a centre hub of information, any potential hacker would need to be able to infiltrate every copy of the live Blockchain – of which there are thousands – at the same time in order to successfully break into the system. Given the vast and complex distribution across a worldwide network, that’s not easy to do.

From a privacy perspective, Blockchain works to ensure that all data is kept totally secure. It can achieve this because it creates a chain of transactions that can only ever be a one way process – making it impossible to convert back into its original, raw data form.

In addition to heightened fraud prevention and data protection, Blockchain also outperforms other designs by working in real-time: all information available on a Blockchain is not only available on a vast shared database but it’s updated continually to ensure every link within that chain is current, verifiable, open and wholly public.

Blockchain as the future

Thanks to its use of advanced technology and premier security features, Blockchain is fast becoming the go-to choice for organizations worldwide. Transactions are becoming lower cost, faster and more reliable thanks to Blockchain so if you’ve yet to fully explore what Blockchain can do for you and your company, now is most definitely the time to delve a little deeper into this impressive, growing and revolutionary new technology.

Taking digital capabilities to the next level

Digital technology is at the heart of everything we do. Our international client base, cross-industry experience and established relationships with leading organizations and innovative new start-ups alike position us uniquely to consult on a myriad of digital technology projects.

We have built a reputation as one of the leading independent providers of digital transformation capabilities. Our clients come to us for the delivery of cutting-edge capabilities that fully meet their specification and timeline – without compromise.

Redefining digital

Now is the time to redefine how your business connects with key stakeholders and customers, but how do you achieve that? We work across multiple industries to help governments – local, regional and national, as well as organizations and private businesses to rethink how they approach digital.

Our expert teams produce bespoke, integrated and sophisticated new technology solutions covering everything from analytics and strategy development to digital marketing, digital process and procedure, and mobility. With our help organizations worldwide have seen impressive improvements and proven results for their digital operations.

What digital means to us

Using our digital expertise we are able provide consultancy on a range of current and progressive digital issues. This means we are able to assist clients across a full spectrum of digital priorities. We know that every organization is unique with individual needs and requirements and it’s why we never use a ‘one size fits all’ approach. To us, your digital journey should be as unique as the business you operate. So, wherever you are on your digital journey our team of experts can tailor a solution to ensure all aspects of your digital presence are not only covered but performing as well as they possibly can, including: how you connect with your digital customers, channels and market, as well as helping you establish your very own digital enterprise.

How we can help you




Intelligent tech: what the Internet of Things can do for you

What is the Internet of Things?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is essentially a huge network of intelligent ‘things’ – including devices that you might immediately associate with technology,such as phones and computers, but also people and more abstract or unexpected objects such as lamps, headphones, washing machines, and coffee makers. In fact, the list goes on and has the scope to incorporate almost any other type of device you can think of, including components of machines, both large and small.

But what makes these individual things part of IoT? They are connected in some way; they have forged relationships that see them communicate in ways that serve a technological purpose. That might be a connection between another thing (thing to thing) orperhaps a person (person to thing or person to person), it depends on what we want to achieve.

That’s what makes IoT such an exciting prospect – the possibilities are endless. IoT quite simply has the potential to reinvent how we use things, to transform what we can achieve with existing technology and to change the way in which we choose to do things. IoT is a force to be reckoned with and has immeasurable potential to directly impact on how we live our daily lives and conduct business.

IoT in life and business

The opportunities with IoT appear to be endless, with its full potential still currently being scoped out and explored internationally, right now. It is said that during the next few years IoT will have become so advanced that it will not only enhance the products we buy and the services we use but it will also help businesses identify and develop new streams of revenue, develop intelligent and refined production processes, improve employee productivity and streamline supply chains.

One important aspect, or rather consequence, of IoT that organizations and businesses worldwide must think about is the vast quantities of data that all ‘things’ within the IoT will generate. How will your organization collate, store, manage and analyze this new and plentiful data?

How we can help you

At ITCL we can help your organization embrace IoT by improving – or introducing – a new way to conduct business with connected devices. By doing this, your organization will be positioned, ready and able, to process data and transactions as well as realize a remarkable scope to improve essential business functions and make profit from connected IoT inspired solutions.As we continue to witness the rise of IoT and with significant growth anticipated, now is the time to get on-board and explore what IoT could mean for your business.

Using our exclusively developed ITCL proprietary tools we can offer capabilities that will take your IoT ambitions from the ordinary to the cutting-edge, as well as significantly accelerating the deployment and realization of your bespoke IoT solutions.

We have an expert team ready to help you begin your own IoT exploration and with our well-established ecosystem of industry leading partnerships we can guide and advise you on all aspects of IoT including the development of business cases, alignment of existing operational technology, managing the cultural and skill change requirements of your workforce, and creating robust, efficient and effective security solutions to ensure your IoT ambitions are successful.

We can take care of everything from creating and managing new data supply chains to the development of new analytical programmes and applications. Working across both shorter and longer-term IoT initiatives, we can help improve your operational efficiency, develop and realize new products and services, and develop outcome-based and autonomous pull economies. Our team can also develop advanced data collection tools to ensure your IoT analytics are accurate and useful to help you achieve your ambitious business plans.

Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help your organization realize its IoT ambitions.

Digital transformers: creating a new future for digital

Digital transformation is no longer a tool considered as simply existing to improve efficiency within a business, it has become something central to strategic planning and execution as businesses worldwide are investing time and money into driving their own digital transformation agenda forward at a rate faster than their peers and with vision and ambition greater than elsewhere within their industry.

Are you a digital transformer?

Typically, digital transformers:

  • Set aside up to two times the amount of digital investment for future growth than their business competitors.
  • Exceed their competitors in multiple aspects of growth indicator including sales, new products and services, and customer experience.
  • Experiment with a wider range of digital technologies to achieve their growth goals and proactively plan for greater investment to accommodate such technology.
  • Have an expectation that investment in digital technology has the power and capability to deliver significant business transformation.

Now’s the time to transform

In today’s business world it’s fair to say that every organization, irrespective of industry, is fast becoming a digital business through a combination of two things: a desire to lead rather than follow and through pure necessity.

The difference in performance and success between those that choose to lead – the transformers – and those that don’t – the followers – is that digital transformers have developed an intrinsic understanding of the importance of centering growth as the firm focus of their digital strategy: they are the strategists placing growth at the center of their investment planning. To have such an understanding is invaluable. It enables an organization to perceive the full potential and impact of digital within their business setting.

Irrespective of industry or where in the world they are based, digital transformers are working hard to realize their digital growth and investment plans. They are pace-setters and digital explorers with the confidence to deliver on their brave new digitally driven business strategies.

How we can help

By offering expert advice and guidance throughout a digital transformation initiative we work with clients to help them achieve the required repositioning of digital within their organization. It is always our recommendation that digital transformation be introduced, or realigned, to be integrated within the central business strategy. This helps to unify different strands of business priority and approaches and deliver greater clarity as to how to realize the digital transformation vision.

We encourage you to think about four key aspects related to your current business operations and the emphasis your organization currently places on digital. This will enable a more thorough and targeted exploration of transformation solutions. The four key aspects to consider are:

Your competitors

  • Are they digital transformers or followers?
  • How do they perceive and prioritise a digital approach?
  • Does digital pose any apparent threats to your business activity or reputation?
  • How could digital capabilities pull us ahead of our competitors?
  • Which of your competitors are digital successes, and why?
  • What digital technology opportunities can you identify within your organization?

Your place in the business world

  • Can you identify any new business trends and technologies that represent potential opportunity for your organization?
  • What scope and flexibility do you have regarding digital investment?
  • Consider how you manage and benefit from external partnerships that might enhance your transformation plans.

Your customers

  • Do you prefer to see your digital strategy as a way to further develop your marketing initiatives?
  • How do you identify new markets and value, specific to your industry?

Leadership and planning

  • Within your management team who should take responsibility for digital development and how will you distribute that responsibility?
  • How and who will liaise with internal and external parties regarding your new digital transformation ambitions?

Get in touch with a member of our team today to begin a discussion about how we can help you begin your own digital transformation

Investing in data foundation

Taking a building block approach to data

For an organization to become truly data-driven it must take a step back, deconstruct and analyze existing processes and procedures, and take the time to explore what they do and how they do it – essentially building from the ground up. It is only by working in this way that an organization can fully comprehend the steps it needs to take in order to fix data-related issues because it’s the only way to guarantee you’re working with accurate and reliable data insights that will subsequently open up a new world of opportunity; a world in which data is center to business performance – both current and future.

Data as an investment

We work with our clients to help them transform the way they use data and insights, enabling them to create opportunities to streamline data processes and embark on ambitious data monetization initiatives. This includes:

  • An assessment of the internal and external data a client currently holds and an evaluation of the data actually needed.
  • The reorganization of data to ensure all data is handled and processed correctly and sensitively.
  • Improving the ways in which internal data sources and technologies are organized – this can encompass everything from data clouds and lakes through to the very newest technologies on the market.
  • Working to data best practice by instilling a culture of trust, transparency and high standards across all elements of the data improvement project. This includes maintaining exceptional governance processes and ensuring we only work with the highest quality of data.

How we can help you

From developing a new and bespoke data analytics strategy to architecture, assurance, monetization, visualization and everything in-between we can advise, guide and collaborate with you to achieve the very best results.

  • Data discovery
  • Discovery is the audit phase of data improvement, an opportunity to identify significant business patterns and pool relevant data from organization-wide sources. We can then work from the select data, focusing on the most important data strands and begin to apply new analytical approaches. This is the first step towards creating an analytical infrastructure that will actively help you identify trends and anomalies to helpyou make informed and confident business decisions based upon solid and reliable factual insight.
  • Strategize your data approach
  • Without a clear and well-defined strategy even the most well-intentioned projects can quickly grind to a halt. We don’t conduct business without relevant strategies: sales, marketing and growth, so it doesn’t make business sense to attempt to build a new data foundation without having mapped out strategic goals and objectives, logistics, and business forecasts.
  • Our work on strategic development has seen us work with a wide range of clients to help them realize their business ambitions through tailored strategic planning. Our team brings a wealth of experience from a multitude of industries meaning we can offer incomparable insight and guidance to you and your team.
  • Achieving a data-centric culture
  • An integral part of every data strategy is to nurture a strong and accepted data culture. Working together, we will redefine your organizational approach and perspective of what data means, why it’s important and how to establish data as a core element of your business-wide strategy.
  • Effective data visualization
  • By investing in data visualization you are able to make data processes all the more efficient. Visualizations help make complex data easier to understand resulting in faster turnaround times and timely decision making. Trends and potential issues are visually highlighted to make all aspects of data review and examination more purposeful and lower risk. Visualizations help bring data to life, simplify the analysis stage and contribute significantly towards the trialling of new ideas.
  • Data architecture
  • Our clients are often looking for progressive approaches to data architecture, finding new and impressive ways to take the advancements of today one step further. For architecture that pushes the boundaries, improves data processing functionality, can handle a range of complex data components and lowers costs it is vital to fully explore how to store and share your data and how your teams utilize and access the data.
  • Data quality, assurance and governance
  • Do you know where all of your data originates from? Are you sure of its accuracy? Perhaps you aren’t even sure what data you currently hold. Where do you store your data?
  • By collating and reviewing your existing data we can create a new and improved analytics function for your organization. Our work also ensures we meet and maintain all data governance requirements, assessing risk and managing it appropriately. We firmly believe that by implementing solid data governance practice within your organization you not only protect the data but you establish your business as trustworthy and proactive.
  • Data monetization
  • You’ve created an impressive new asset: your data. And you know how to utilize it for maximum benefit, but have you taken the next step, a step towards data monetization?
  • Good quality data brings a world of opportunity. We can lead you through the data monetization process, identifying the value of data and taking the necessary steps to introduce cloud technologies to enhance your data management and integrate algorithms and AI to maximize profit and performance. New revenue streams will be identified and, with our expertise, can be put into action with great effectiveness.

Make data and analytics work for your business

We all need – and want – data to do more for us. We want it to be an enabler; to help us make speedy decisions, reduce our overall spend, and help us to become more productive. And your data should be doing all those things. Data should be identifying opportunities missed, highlighting new sources of revenue, and helping you refine the ways in which you already conduct business.

Data as core strength

By using data in the right ways you are able to gain invaluable insight into all areas of your business – from the turning cogs of your supply chain to customer engagement and point of sale transactions 24 hours a day, seven days a week, wherever you are in the world.

This same data has the ability to generate a wealth of information, specific to your business; information that is immediately available and can be used to identify and implement real change – improvements to your customer service, faster production, and sophisticated fraud detection.

Data is the stronghold at the centre of your business, it holds endless possibilities to prepare for the future and develop opportunities and initiate innovation before your competitors.

So how do you use your data to make the most of this new world of opportunity? Let us help. We’ll capture, analyze and bring to the forefront the hidden potential within your business – real progress with astounding results.

What we can do for you

  • Start strong
  • It’s near impossible to develop high quality analytics if you don’t have complete trust in your data. Your data is the sole driver in you making important business decisions, so it’s vital that the data used is accurate and complete. What does good data look like? It’s tailored to your needs, well managed, organized, and detailed. We are on-hand to help you develop bespoke strategies, improve your in-house processes, and reposition you as a data-centric organization.
  • Data as identifier
  • The incredible thing about data is its potential to change our business behaviour. By its very nature, data empowers us to become proactive rather than reactive. It helps us identify threats to our business before they happen, and allows us to collate are review trends within our business so we can streamline our processes and planning for maximum optimization. Together, we can help you adjust the way in which you use data and turn it into a powerful business tool.
  • Become more data efficient
  • When we use data efficiently we use data more effectively. Not only can operations be managed with more targeted purpose but we can grow our business at an accelerated rate by developing industry-leading business practice across the board from marketing to production and sales. Improved efficiency will only ever help drive profits up, and who doesn’t want that?
  • A world of new opportunity
  • The unique and brilliant thing about data is that it has unrivalled potential to always drive new opportunity. Whether we use data to inform innovation or develop a new technology, we can work with you to identify, test and trial the most exciting innovative ideas out there.

A future of data innovation

Think outside the box to discover a new world of innovation
Data and analytics have proven themselves to be continually progressive and in every way one of the most exciting and thriving areas driving the acceleration in technology advancement. Every day we see the thinking behind data and analytics changing; it’s new thinking and it’s paving the way for new trends and innovativeapproaches.

The future of data is just around the corner as new thinking takes hold. Within the next few months, and throughout the next few years, the data landscape will begin to look impressively different as innovation sees businesses use data and analytics in ways we can currently only imagine.

That’s where we come in. Our clients want and need to be at the forefront of the newest data-driven advancements so we work to identify the most suitable opportunities out there, sifting out the irrelevant and prioritising only the most beneficial. Put simply, we find innovation that’s the right fit for your business.

What we can do for you

  • Analysis and planning
  • Our experienced team can help you plan, manage and deliver your innovation project. Using our industry expertise we can connect you with the right people to ensure your project gains and maintains the momentum it needs to succeed.
  • By staying on top of the very latest developments and trends we gain an unparalleled understanding of the newest data thinking, we invest time into establishing partner relationships, and stay updated on all cutting-edge technologies to ensure your innovation project is fully tailored to meet your needs.
  • Experimentation and trialling
  • Exploration is at the heart of everything we do: if you don’t take time to explore you’ll never know the full extent of what’s possible. We work with our clients – from a number of industries worldwide – to push boundaries and take an idea from concept to laboratory to reality. We explore, test, and deliver proof of concept so our clients are confident in their idea before taking it to the next level.
  • Developing a solution
  • We know that sometimes you need to make immediate improvements to help your business progress. It’s why we actively develop practical solutions – including apps and platforms – that can quickly and effectively resolve some of the most common problems our clients identify.
  • Turning data into commercial enterprise
  • Many of our clients ask us for help in realizing the commercial value of their data and analytics. In doing this, we identify new revenue streams and find practical and profitable ways to put them into action. With our expertise we can help you make the most of your data-centric business opportunities.
  • Innovation Pulse Point
  • We’ve helped you make your innovative idea a reality, but what next? How do you ensure you keep your innovative thinking fresh and on-trend?
  • With our help your business can have its very own in-house laboratory to ensure the continuation of new thinking, experimentation and innovation. Our team can help develop and establish your laboratory and implement the necessary processes, skills and governance needed to make your Innovation Pulse Point a significant asset to your business activity.

Achieve high performance via outsourcing

Outsourcing of IT is certainly not a new concept, but it is experiencing a renewed focus as businesses once again question whether to hire additional employees or outsource their needs to experts in the field. This challenge is always complex and leads to a number of internal conversations. However, for most organizations, the reasons to outsource are often far more compelling than using an internal resource to provide the service.

Here are our top five reasons as why outsourcing IT could be the best solution for your business:

Reduced Staffing Costs
Hiring staff can be expensive when taking recruitment fees, salaries, training, and other costs into consideration. Particularly when, after taking on these expenses, your best employees are vulnerable to being poached by a competitor. Rather than shouldering the headcount and burden of an IT department, allowing a third party to manage everything on your behalf saves both time and money.

Benefit from Economies of Scale
Unless you are in the IT business, you are unlikely to have access to the same economies of scale as an outsourcing supplier. Thanks to this reality, outsourcing helps to drive down costs and creates savings that should, in theory, be passed on, at least in part, to the customer. What does this mean? Put simply, it means that the cost of your service delivery should be lower when outsourced.

Enhance your Financial Ratio.
As a company, you are routinely analyzed and evaluated by external investors and potential partners based on your financial ratio. Your turnover, profits, and employee count are assessed and scrutinized against one another for their market to book value. When you make the decision to outsource your IT function, or a significant portion of it, you position yourself well to improve your ratios. How? By delivering IT services without recruiting more staff internally you’ll have fewer actual employees, spend less on hiring top talent, and reduce your overall book value.

Being at the Cutting Edge is Easier.
When IT is not your core business its less likely that you’ll have the in-house capacity or expertise to remain at the cutting edge of technology. Identifying advancements can prove difficult in this ever-changing tech landscape. An IT services provider who breathes IT day in and day out will have a vested interest in knowing everything there is to know about the latest technologies, and where they can be leveraged to the further advantage of your business activity.

Identifying IT as a Business Enabler
Outsourced IT service providers, like our team at itcl.biz, also offer consultancy and specialist advice. By offering a combination of industry leading advice and business planning services, outsourced providers like us can offer insights into how your business compares to competitors and identify the areas where IT could be used to your business advantage.

Peace of mind
Some IT issues can be worrisome – disaster recovery, data security, business continuity are all common concerns. Outsourcing to an expert supplier alleviates the pressure of such worries. Knowing your IT function is in safe hands leaves you to focus energy on delivering other key business elements. Furthermore, having a robust contract in place establishing roles and responsibilities, service levels, and the consequences and resulting action when these are not met, affords you total peace of mind.

Embrace outsourcing
IT is no longer seen as an operational department. Today, the topic of IT leads the conversation about how to offer strategic advantage. Many businesses recognize they lack the expertise to maximize this advantage and outsource their IT to an expert third party supplier. Additionally, as IT infrastructure comes under an increasing threat to both data security and physical breaches, its more important than ever that companies: 1)thwart such attacks by putting in place robust policies, processes, and procedures and 2) recover as quickly as possible in the event of an attack. Again, this leads many organizations to outsource their IT and rely on third parties with a greater level of expertise in than they possess. Ultimately, this leaves businesses with more time and resources to focus on their core capabilities, allowing them to make progressive strides forward in delivering and exceeding all areas of their business plan.

Find out more about how ITCL can help with your outsourcing needs.

Why live interactive dashboards are your business must-have

Business intelligence shouldn’t be complex. We shouldn’t need to invest valuable time into finding relevant data for the latest report, filtering through vast amounts of information found across numerous sources; it’s anything but an ‘intelligent’ way of working. So how do businesses step away from this labour intensive data gathering and streamline their data analysis processes at the same time? The answer is simple: embrace the real-time interactive dashboard.

What is an interactive dashboard?

Dashboards use smart, fast, and easy to use software to bring together multiple elements of information, collating everything in one place; a hub that intuitively streamlines and presents data and information, highlighting significant trends, and pulls out the core data that matters to you. Essentially, your dashboard is your gateway to faster KPI reporting and simplified data visualizations.  It’s your go-to when you want to view key metrics from across your organization, in one convenient place.

Key dashboard features for enhanced business intelligence

  • Fast and easy to use: create a new dashboard in just a couple of clicks
  • View data from across all areas of your business, at the same time
  • Track the status of any of your projects, economic indicators, and business metrics
  • Access full historical data and insights
  • Utilize graph functions to create visual aids to metrics and data – from heat maps to top lists
  • Real-time updating visuals, including charts, graphs, and tables
  • Collaborative insights to share information with colleagues or external partners
  • Synthesize composite metrics
  • Calculate metric logarithms, medians, and derivatives

Whichever data sources you want to connect, your interactive dashboard will do it quickly, pulling information from your chosen websites and apps to generate detailed, useful insights within minutes.

Relevant data is at the heart of effective management

Accurate and relevant data provide valuable insights into performance, progress, and expertise – it is the gateway to learning about each and every aspect of business productivity. Whether you’re a private company, a public organization, or a central or regional government leader, having quick and easy access to complete data enables you to make important decisions anywhere, anytime.

Find out more about dashboards or get in touch to discuss your requirements and how ITCL can help simplify your business reporting processes.

Data monetization: making customer data pay

Every organization holds thousands of pieces of customer data, with new information being captured and retained by the minute. But as we see the quantity of data increasing we are also seeing a noticeable increase in the value of that data, and companies are fast becoming more aware of opportunities to make financial gains from their own store of under-utilized customer information. Thanks to decreasing data storage costs, data insight and analysis continually becoming more robust, Big Data is changing how we do business. It has become valuable.
Finding the value of your data

However, in order to find your very own data monetization opportunities you need to first evaluate and accurately estimate the value of the information you hold. By determining the value it is possible to then maximize its revenue-making potential and to identify how you take raw data into a profitable marketplace.

As part of your initial evaluation take the time to assess how your data is stored and processed. Data isn’t much use unless it has been managed efficiently, structured and stored to enable insights to be quickly identified and extracted.

It’s all about technology: Data capture and analysis

Data technologies can be a significant help to companies working to maximize their data value, but first consider whether you have sufficient company data – and data of the right quality – to bring real results, and whether you are currently working to a business model that complements value extraction. By ensuring you have considered both points will position you well to make faster and more strategic progress towards realizing data monetization.

Three key elements to you data monetization journey

Establish data value

Ensure you take time to understand the possible value of your date by:

  • Analysing consumer behaviour
  • Identify who the data you hold belongs to
  • Examine transaction histories and data sources
  • Isolate unique data and anomalies
  • Determine which of your data is accessible

Identify opportunities within the market

Commercialization of your data can feel like a complex task but in reality data will typically follow this journey: Raw data > Processed data > Insights > Presentation > Transaction. This is why it is important to remember that at every point within the data valuation process data develops clarity to reveal its true value and relevance within the business.

Target: action your go to market plan

You now know what data you have, where it has come from, and what its current value is. The next step? Determine how to commercialize a new data strategy. Key elements to address include:

  • Anticipated value within specified markets
  • Concerns around privacy
  • Competency evaluation

Ambition brings results

New technologies continue to drive down the expense of delivering data monetization strategies and initiatives, making it a prime opportunity for any organization to introduce this new revenue stream to their business.

At ITCL we are specialists in data monetization, and can guide you through every aspect of the process, from data analysis and evaluation, strategy, business model development and alignment, and the successful roll-out of your new data ecosystem. Get in touch to discuss how we can directly help your organization realize its full potential.