International Technologies Co. Ltd.

Our Expertise. Your Advantage.

20+ years of excellence in strategy, consulting, digital, technology, and operations.

Our Focus.

Government. Semi-Government. Utilities. Telecommunications.

Our Principles.

Long term. Honesty. Fair. Win-Win.


What we do

At ITCL we provide innovative, effective, and affordable services for our clients by providing sector-specific expertise in strategy, consulting, digital, technology and operations. Our work has resulted in many successful partnerships with three-quarters of the top organizations in the Middle East and Europe. We have a wealth of expertise, with a core focus on four leading industries – governmental, semi-governmental, utility, and telecommunications – and deliver exceptional outcomes that ensure our clients continue to thrive in the new digital world.

What is ITCL Expertise

At ITCL, our expertise comes from more than 20 years developing experience working across a number of industries, identifying problems and challenges, finding effective solutions, and investing in resources to enable us to stay at the forefront of new thinking and innovation. Throughout our years of work in the industry, we have collaborated with 75% of the top organizations in Europe and the Arab world helping them to achieve growth objectives. Our expertise is in every sense international thanks to our team of highly skilled consultants, industry experts, subject matter experts, and strategists from around the world. We focus on the governmental, semigovernmental, utility, and telecommunications industries and we’re always looking to the future to actively invest in research and development so we can continue to offer cutting-edge, industry leading services.